Sponsor Search Dog - Otto

Breed: Labrador

Status: Level 3 Area Search Dog

Likes: I love working !! For me that means searching at top speed dashing here and there looking for anything with human scent on it that I can bring back in my mouth or tell my Mum by using my bringsel.

Dislikes: Having my toes clipped and when there’s nothing going on.

Hello. My name is Otto and I’m a yellow Labrador. My birthday is 23.02.04 so you can work out how old I am. I love learning and working and being a qualified air scenting search dog. I’m also qualified as a VR dog. I love it when my Mum plays all sorts of search and sniffing games with me. I’m a fearless swimmer and love it when we go surfing the waves when on holiday in Cornwall. I’m not afraid of the dark and always get excited when my search jacket and bells come out and my Mum puts my ball in her left pocket because that means it’s work for real. Off we go!